The National Girls Self-Esteem Program

Fundraising Goal 

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COVID-19 has changed the world especially for women and girls, many of whom may have already been struggling with healthy self-awareness.

Moving forward The Girls Self-Esteem Program will be focusing on emotional wellness and resiliency in girls of all ages. Our virtual classes will give girls access to a virtual world of knowledge geared toward building self-esteem. We will host weekly classes ranging from social etiquette, to verbal judo. Storytelling to public speaking. Your tax deductible donation is greatly needed and appreciated.

Girls Self-Esteem Program workshops and classes include: NJC Classical Ballet Training (Stay tuned for more information on free classical ballet classes and private ballet class offers).
Hip Hop, Baton, Jazz, Theater Arts Classes
Bullying Prevention
Conflict Resolution/Deescalation
Etiquette – Dinner, social,
Formal letter writing
Dream Boarding
Farming - Virtual Farm Trips/Gardening
Professional - Counseling (available)
Hygiene - Puberty Education
IT - Technology (Coding)
Leadership 101 – Peer mentoring training and coaching
Mental Health Education – Parent education
Neurological Testing Referral – as needed
Public Speaking – Leadership training/ Graduation and scholarship speech competition
Sexual Abuse Prevention – Personal Safety Partners "Tell Somebody Sisterhood" - Be Kind "FEM-Win-ISM"
Social Intelligence –
Social Justice –
Social Media – Social Media video presentation
Verbal Judo/Self-Defense – Kidnap prevention
Volunteer Projects – Toy drives and community volunteer projects
Parent/Child Counseling/Mentoring – Adult mentors available for parents
Mommy and Me Classes – Dance classes for babies, toddlers and parents
GED Parent Scholarships
Poise/Grace/Charm Classes
Healthy Eating/Cooking Classes
Dance/Cheer Team – Competition Dance audition opportunity
Yearly Citywide Conference: Loving The Skin I’m In

The Girls Self-Esteem Program (G-SEP) is a girls mentoring program that teaches girls ages 2-18 the importance of carrying themselves with poise, grace and dignity. 

Emphasis is placed on instilling self-confidence, mastering public speaking, building self-esteem and celebrating overall excellence.

By addressing issues ranging from misogyny, to sexual abuse, G-SEP has been on the forefront as a leader in movements such as Tell Somebody, Bring Back Our Girls, Me Too and Time Is UP. 

Each member is selected in an interview process to be invited to join The Girls Self-Esteem Program. Members complete a series of self-esteem building classes, workshops and conferences.


Our federally recognized non-profit organization has awarded and assisted in our more than 600 graduates receiving $50,000 in scholarships, cash and prizes.

Members of G-SEP are required to make a commitment to excel in academics, physical fitness and perform community service.  Most members take our classical ballet classes through our sister dance program NJC Classical Ballet and Dance. 

Each member of G-SEP is invited to dance with NJC and participate in the Nutcracker in Oak Park. 

G-SEP Fun, train rides, to Los Angeles to see shows and win Little Miss California, community service, to sleep overs, G-SEP girls have fun in a safe sisterly environment.

G-SEP is a non-profit organization that believes girls benefit from positive female support, mentoring and socialization.

Fathers, brothers and positive male figures are incorporated into the program to reinforce the value of positive relationships with males, ranging from family dynamics to business and social interaction.

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