The National Girls Self-Esteem Program

Our Stories

“Our Stories”

Win $200 to tell your story

Ladies we want to hear your stories of triumph, hurt, rage, and love.  It’s time to tell our younger sisters what we wish we had been told.

Send us your story for a chance to win $$and the opportunity to have your story share onstage.

“Our Stories”

March 31, 2019

Women’s History

Contest Rules:

Written piece must be

your original work.

Can be no longer than 5 pages single spaced.

Must be a real non-fiction story

Follow the form of a diary, journal, blog, memoir, or essay. 

Once entered writing will become a part of G-SEP’s Our Stories.  

No foul language, as stories will be delivered by actresses of all ages and may be edited for onstage delivery to youth.

Writers may remain anonymous but become ineligible for the grand prize which will be awarded to the runner-up who signs a publicity release.

Finalists will be notified if your piece is selected to be presented onstage March 31st.  Finalists must agree to accept award onstage March 31st.

A $10.00 fee must accompany each entry.  Entry fees will go toward youth participating in “G-SEP’s Our Stories.” Make Checks out to: G-SEP or PayPal 

 Include Entrants Name

Deadline for entry February 17, 2019

Entries accepted in person: 


February 17, 2018 2pm-4pm

The Greater Sacramento Urban League 3725 Marysville Blvd, Sacramento, CA

Or Mail to:

C/O Our Stories

PO Box 255095

Sacramento, CA 95865

“Our Stories”

Open casting call for actors

Sunday February 24

2pm 4625 44th Street Studio 14

Sacramento, CA 95820

Female and male actors ages 6 and up

Bring 1-2 minutes monologue.

Send an email with name and age

to schedule audition time.


Rehearsals Sundays 2pm in March for most actors.

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