The National Girls Self-Esteem Program

The Natalia Johnson Conservatory  and
G-SEP Dance Academy is in need of help renovating our 
Oak Park studio and classroom.  
We are raising funds for this effort.

Please donate

Special Thanks to Green Tech Education for leading the construction effort.

Congratulations to Marayiah Moncada and Amira McClain for winning the Little Miss California USA Ebony Elegance Pageant

Informational Tea Party Spring Registration

February 21, 2016
RSVP at To get location


Nutcracker in Oak Park was staged December 22-24 at the Fruit Ridge Collaborative Theater.  Donations for our studio and Nutcracker in Oakland are greatly appreciated. 

The Girls Self-Esteem Program (G-SEP) is a youth outreach program aimed at building self-esteem in girls and young ladies. G-SEP takes a personal approach to help girls ages 3-18 recognize and believe in their inner beauty. Our mentoring program promotes self-confidence, public speaking, self-esteem and overall excellence!

By addressing issues ranging from peer pressure to body image, G-SEP participants learn the importance of carrying themselves with grace and dignity, with emphasis on the importance of self-respect and self-worth. Each girl is encouraged to make a commitment to excel in academics, physical fitness through ballet and dance, as well as in civic and social involvement in their communities and schools. 

G-SEP participants learn Verbal Judo, etiquette, beauty and how to cope with peer pressure. Each member must pledge to respect herself throughout her teen years and beyond.

G-SEP is a non-profit organization that believes girls benefit from positive female support, mentoring and socialization.

Fathers and positive male figures are incorporated into the program to reinforce the value of positive relationships with males, ranging from family dynamics to business and social interaction.

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